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The list of medal winners is published (24.07.2013)

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Change in the students' program (09.07.2013)

Students' excursions were rearranged:

1) Kremlin tour - July 17 instead of July 21;

2) Aqua park - July 22 instead of July 17;

3) Paintball - July 21 instead of July 22.

Changes were made because of the Kremlin tour restrictions.


Useful advices (06.07.2013)

Dear friends,

Less than ten days left till the 45th IChO Opening Ceremony.

Today we would like to provide you with some important informations.

1. The only currency accepted in Russia is Russian rouble. There is a plenty of exchange offices, many of these working 24 hours. The majority of offices deal with USD and Euros only. Exchanging other currencies is possible, still much more complicated. The rates in different offices are different, sometimes significantly. We advise you do not change money in the airports on landing. You will easily do it later in the city.

2. Most shops, restaurants, touristic places accept credit cards (usually Visa, Master Card, Maestro). Other cards (Diners, American Express) are not so wide-spread. Besides, there is a plenty of cash machines everywhere around. Note that some smaller shops at marketplaces accept cash only.

3. Weather. Please check weather forecast at the website you trust. We advise you have various cloths with you. It can be really hot at daytime (30 oC or even higher). At the same time, it can be around 10 oC at nighttime. Also, please do not forget to put an umbrella in your luggage.

4. We are planning that all students will spend one day (of course, some hours) in the aquatic park. Please ask your students to have swimming suits with them if they would like to have real fun.

5. Mentors and scientific observers will be taken away from Moscow for the critical period of the Olympiad (4 nights). We will organize luggage pick-up and its transportation in a truck separately from you. Please keep it in mind when packing your things.

6. Meeting in the airports. We will provide for the airport transfers of the delegations arriving on June 14th and 15th according to the travel details you have entered on the 45th IChO website.

7. Information for those arriving on June 13th and earlier. There are three international airport around Moscow: Sheremetievo (, Domodedovo (, and Vnukovo ( You can hire a taxi on your arrival at an official taxi counter. Please do not deal with individual non-official car drivers (they will try to grab you up; just tell them "No"). You can take aerotrains, which are available from all three airport and which will bring you to Moscow city center within half an hour to 40 minutes. You can find more information about aerotrains at

Another option is you contact a representative of our travel agency at by writing a letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This is of special interest if you prefer to get a nimo-van for the entire team.

8. We strongly encourage you to start communicating with to the guides of your teams. You can get their contacts from us. Moreover, many guides are willing to offer their assistance and plan meeting their teams in the airport.

9. We kindly remind you that your students are expected to bring their own lab coats and goggles (eye-correcting glasses are allowed instead). If they miss either of these, they will not be allowed entering the lab.

10. Please be sure all your delegation members should have medical insurance for the whole period of the Olympiad. At the registration, we will ask you to show the insurances. Participation in the 45th IChO without insurance is impossible.

11. All your students will have to deposit all communication gadgets at Registration. We will return these straight after the second exam is over. If any of your students will use any gadget during the critical period of the olympiad competition, this will result in his disqualification from the olympiad.

We wish you nice travelling and very much look forward to seeing you soon in Moscow!

Very truly yours,

the 45th IChO Organizing Committee


Procedure of paying the fees (29.06.2013)

Dear friends,

Today we have distributed a letter among the headmentors concerning the procedure of paying the fees.

If you are a headmentor and has not received the letter from us, please promptly contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Very truly yours,

the 45th IChO Organizing Committee


Simplified visa application procedure

Dear friends,

We have succeeded in launching the simplified procedure of visa application for the 45th IChO participants. A special Circular Note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia dated June 15, 2013 has been delivered via their internal channels to all Russian Consulates in all involved countries.

Now we are sending the invitations by fax to headmentors of all the countries expected to have Russia entry visas.

Some important informations.
You should apply for humanitarian (cultural) visa with the purpose of the visit "scientific exchange".
You should also give a referrence to the Circular Note of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia dated June 15, 2013.

Please keep us updated of the progress with your visa applications.

The 45th IChO Organizing Committee




Dear friends, only about one month left till the start of the 45th IChO. Being aware that many of you will need to get the Russian entry visas and that sometimes it is not an easy procedure, we have eleborated a simplified visa application procedure for the IChO participants. The special Circular of the Russian Ministry of Foreing Affairs will be sent to each Consulate of the participating countries. And we will immediately start sending the formal invitations to the headmentors by fax. As soon as you receive the invitation you should visit the Russian Consulate in your country and submit the invitation together with passports and other required documents according to the list in Russian Consulate in your country. Normally, you should be easily grated the visas within 3 to 4 working days.

In case of any difficulties, please contact us immediately, and we will provide for necessary support. Meanwhile we kindly ask you to double check the data you have entered when registering your delegation, paying the major attention to the names spelling, passport numbers and dates of birth. This data will be shown in the invitations and should by 100% match that in the passports. Very much look forward to seeing you in Moscow. the 45th IChO Organizing Committee


Programs (15.06.2013)

Detailed programs for students and mentors are available.


Solutions (29.05.2013)

Solutions to preparatory problems have been published.


Problems with the web-site (13.05.2013)

Due to unexpected power-off at the end of April the web-site of IChO-2013 was broken and part of the information was lost. For this reason, the web-site was unavailable during two weeks - we are very sorry for the inconvenience. Most of the information was recovered, but we need some time to put it back on the web-site. Logins and passwords for country registration remain the same.
Thank you for your understanding.


The Steering Committee meeting in Russia

The International Steering Committee (ISC) meeting was held in Russia on January 17 to 20, 2013. Because of extremely severe weather conditions throughout Europe, the travel plans were seriously changed. Still, most of the ISC members finally arrived at Moscow.

The first working day (Friday) was devoted to the inspection of the forthcoming IChO venues and places of accommodation: Renaissance Monarch Hotel, Planernoe Hotel, labs and Ceremony Halls at Moscow Sate University. The ISC members provided the hosts with a number of valuable comments and suggestions.

Friday evening the ISC members took a fast train and left for old Russian city of Vladimir (of about 200 km from Moscow). After another half an hour by bus, they reached the final destination of the day, Veles Park hotel, which will be used in summer by the International Jury during the first part of the Olympiad.

The next day was mostly devoted to the ISC meeting with a deep and fruitful discussion of the current situation (final report from the past host, progress reports from the current and future hosts, IUPAC and Japanese support, observing countries, improvement of еру Olympiad procedures, consideration of the preparatory problems set). Having the agenda completely covered, the ISC members safely returned to Moscow, and then back home.

It should be stressed that we all enjoyed a very friendly and positive atmosphere during the whole weekend. All the ISC members expressed their satisfaction with the progress in preparation of the 45th IChO.

Probably, huge snow everywhere around is the strongest impression our guests will keep in mind when recalling this weekend. The hosts welcomed everybody back in July with a promise to have mush lee show in the streets.

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