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To participants of the 45th International Chemistry Olympiad.


It is a great honor for us to organize the 45th International Chemistry Olympiad, which I consider an international acknowledgement of the high level of Russian science and education.

Moscow will be hosting participants of the 45th International Chemistry Olympiad in summer 2013. Student teams from 75 countries will get acquainted with Russia and its capital, meet scientists, who have made a valuable contribution to the international science. The Olympiad organizers will do their best to let you show your best expertise and practical skills.

Each of you has covered a long way towards the International Olympiad. Having won a number of national contests you have proved your right to represent your countries at this prestigious intellectual world-stage competition.

I have no doubt that all of you as participants of the International Chemistry Olympiad form an extremely powerful force with enormous innovation potential. It is this creative, ambitious and energetic young generation that is going to be the vanguard of the world science in the near future, ensuring global progress and prosperity of the human society.

I wish you creative achievements and a lot of success in your future scientific research!

Dmitry Livanov,

Minister of Education and Science of the Russian Federation


Dear friends,

SadovnichiiIt is going to be the third time Moscow State University is hosting the International Chemistry Olympiad. This oldest Russian university bears the name of an outstanding Russian scientist, encyclopedist and chemist Mikhail Lomonosov, whose 300th anniversary was last year celebrated worldwide according to UNESCO decision.

Throughout its long history the University has gained recognition as one of the world scientific and educational centers, many famous scientists and researchers have graduated from here. Russian education these days is seeing significant changes with a major focus on higher education system. After joining the Bologna process in 2003 we have been taking special care of preserving the best traditions of national education: fundamental scientific background, advanced theoretical knowledge and practical skills. Still we highly value the broad international network we are a part of, which helps us taking contemporary challenges and exchanging the accumulated scientific expertise.

The 45th International Chemistry Olympiad is just in line with these ambitions. So I do hope the Moscow State University will both give you a warm welcome and hospitality as the host of the Olympiad 2013, and hold a good platform for your achievements to help you in gaining a foothold on your future life. See you in Moscow!

Victor Sadovnichy,

Rector of Lomonosov Moscow State University,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Dear friends and colleagues,

LuninI am honored to be the one who is in charge of arranging and holding the International Chemistry Olympiad already for the third time. Life runs fast. I remember the fireworks opening the 28th IChO in 1996 and 39th IChO in 2007 as if it were yesterday. Now we are about to host the 45th Olympiad. A lot has happened to science and education since then. The last time prize winners have become professional researchers determining the state of today’s chemistry in Russia. As I have been organizing the IChOs for years, it is of great interest for me to follow evolution of the event, see how its weight grows, welcome new countries joining the forum, and witness increasing complexity of the IChO scientific program. These changes are inevitable, still as organizers we do our best to preserve the unique spirit of the event, its slight innocence and creative atmosphere typical of the first olympiads. The driving force in this direction is our Love to our profession and our science of Chemistry.

The IChO competition will take only two days of nine. All the rest time is expected to be used for networking. Hospitality is a true Russian feature, and I hope you will feel it and enjoy your stay in our country. Have a successful Olympiad. See you in Moscow in 2013.

Sincerely yours,

Valery Lunin,

Dean of the MSU Chemistry Department,

Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences


Dear friends,

ZeifmanI am most happy to welcome you at the MSU Chemistry Department. My best memories are associated with this place as well as with the International Olympiads I participated in. It is all about emotions: the thrill of getting to know a new country, the agitation of looking forward to the Olympiad, the anticipation of the results and, finally, the unbelievable feeling of being the winner. I sincerely wish you to live through these 10 days filled with bright impressions and exciting encounters.

Good luck in the contest.

Alexey Zeifman,

MSU Chemistry department graduate,

the absolute winner of IChOs in 2004 and 2005

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