India - Jane Vorobyeva

Jane Vorobyeva

Hello! My name is Jane. I shall be your guide during the time of the International Chemical Olympiad. I am a student of the Institute of Asian and African Studies of MSU. My first foreign languages are Farsi and English; I have basic knowledge of Japanese and Arabic. I have passed studying practice in the International Institute of Imam Khomeini in Iran in 2012. Before I also visited Malta in order to practice English on EF program. I spend my free time travelling around the world. I prefer to visit the countries of Asia and Africa. While travelling I find new friends and that`s why I am very skillful at communicating with people from other countries. I always bring a lot of photos from my trips. I am interested in Art and national folklore. I often visit museums, exhibitions, theatres and concerts of national music. Since childhood I dance a lot and tried different types of dancing, but now I practice Jazz-modern. I wish you good luck at the Olympiad, interesting time in Moscow and many fascinating meetings. See you at the Olympiad in Moscow!

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