Iran - Sophia Muzykantova

Sophia Muzykantova

Hello, my name is Sophia and I'll be your guide at the International Chemistry Olympiad in Moscow.

I am a fifth-grade student of the Institute of Asian and African studies (IAAS), which is a faculty of Moscow State University. I’ve been studying Farsi for 4 years, in 2011 I was on a month language training at Shahid Beheshti Institute in Tehran. What I liked best about Iran were the hospitality and kindness of not only teachers and guides, but also of strangers in the street. I hope that next time I’ll be able to visit Shiraz, Tabriz, Mashhad and other Iranian cities view their sites. My specialization is modern history of Iran, but I'm interested in all periods of Persian history.

I teach Farsi for beginners at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Moscow and work as a volunteer in different projects that require an interpreter. I also teach English and French.

Besides history I’m interested in art, I paint a little myself and practice in calligraphy. As for outdoor activities I prefer cycling, badminton and volleyball.

I wish you success at the Olympiad and hope you enjoy your stay in our city!

See you in Moscow!

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