Ireland - Ksenia Tserkovskaya

Ksenia Tserkovskaya

Hello! My name is Ksenia. I shall be your guide during the time of the International Chemical Olympiad. I am studying in the Institute of Asian and African Studies of MSU and I specialize in Jewish studies and philology. I’ve started learning English in my early childhood, and now I try to read books in English and watch films only with the original soundtrack, which not only allows me to keep my language skills in good shape, but also gives me a great pleasure, since of all the languages that I’ve learned English remains my favorite. I enjoy traveling, hiking and spending time with my friends, whom I often play board games with. Apart from studying I work as a tutor for Hebrew and English. And to improve my own English I also attend drama courses taught by a stage director from England. I wish you good luck at the Olympiad and an interesting time in Moscow. See you at the Olympiad in Moscow!

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