Nigeria - Angela Mamsurova

Angela Mamsurova

Hello! My name is Angela and I shall be your guide during the time of the International Chemical Olympiad. I am 4-year student of Institute of Asian and African studies. It’s one of the faculties of Moscow State University. This year is very important for me, as I’m graduating from the university. I am specializing in Arabic language and history of Arab countries. I also speak English and French. Besides these subjects, I am studying different disciplines. This year, for example, I especially liked my literature and art classes. As for travelling, I can’t tell you that I visited lots of countries. Last time I spent my summer vacations in USA. It was great experience. I met really wonderful people and we still keep communicating with each other. I also visited plenty of interesting places. Most of all I liked New York. I can say that I explored the length and breadth of this city. I am fond of dancing and swimming. Lots of time I spend on reading books. I think reading gives people an opportunity to get knowledge in various fields. I like to spend my free time with my family and friends. I wish you every success at the Olympiad! I hope you have a great time in Moscow, meet interesting people and gather unforgettable impressions. See you at the Olympiad in Moscow!

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