Pakistan - Anna Kurbatova

Anna Kurbatova

Name: Anna

Last name: Kurbatova

I was born near Moscow in Balashikha. In 2008 I graduated from school, in 2009 worked at the department of Iranian studies in MSU. Now I am 4th year student of the Institute of African and Asian countries of Lomonosov Moscow State University. I’m learning English, Pashto and dari. In addition to oriental languages I’m studying economies of Asian and African countries. In free time I paint, read fiction and go in for sport - go to the swimming pool, ride a bike, sometimes I play badminton and I like mountain skiing.

I’m attracted by proposal to be a guide at the International Chemistry Olympiad because I will have an opportunity to speak to a lot of smart persons from different countries of the world. My grandmother and grandfather for many years had been working in the chemical sphere, grandfather graduated from the faculty of Chemistry of Lomonosov University. I will be glad to help young chemists!

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