Syria - Anastasiya Zadorina

Anastasiya Zadorina

Hello! My name is Anastasiya. I shall be your guide during the time of the International Chemical Olympiad. I am a 4-year student of the faculty the Institute of Asian and African Studies of MSU, and in a couple of months I’ll get my Bachelor's degree. My specialization is the Arabic language and history of Arab countries. Moreover I speak several European languages, among which English is in the first place. I travel a lot, as, to my opinion, nothing helps you to become a broad-minded person as well as meeting other countries and getting to know other cultures do. I participate public activities and social work with great pleasure, like to organize different events and take part in various competitions and Olympiads. Furthermore I’m fond of dancing and from the very childhood go in for diverse sports, from games to skating. My hobbies are also photography and cooking. I wish you good luck at the Olympiad, having interesting time in Moscow and many fascinating meetings, - I’m sure that participating this Olympiad will bring you plenty of good memories and emotions! See you in Moscow!

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