Singapore - Daria Fedoseeva

Daria Fedoseeva

Hello! My name is Dasha. I shall be your guide during the International Chemical Olympiad. I am a third year student of the department of Oriental Studies, MSU. I am learning about Israel, it’s culture, language and history. At the same time I am studying Arabic, English and German. I am very fond of travelling; I frequently visit Israel and Europe. For me - every country has its fascinating and unique culture that you feel like you want to experience).

I also take great interest in sports. Since my childhood I’ve been into professional swimming and I also enjoy skiing, athletics and cycling. During my free time I also learn foreign languages, read a lot and also enjoy discovering new places in Moscow. I’m trying to spend more time in the countryside as well.

I wish you success in the Olympiad and hope your trip to Moscow will be interesting and unforgettable! Looking forward to seeing you soon at the Olympiad!

Best regards, Daria Fedoseeva

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