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Irina Deygen


My name is Irina Deygen. I'm in my fourth year of the MSU Department of Chemistry, Division of Chemical Enzymology, and the Scientific and Educational Center of MSU in Nanotechnology. In parallel, I get an additional degree in teaching. My main specialty is life science. Why I chose this field of chemistry? I am always amazed subtlety structure of life, intelligent regulation of bioprocesses, their relationship and coherence. In this case, I was always close to the mathematical description of the world, not in a verbal form, but in a strict form of laws.

However, I am interested not only in science. For many years I have been studying English, and now I'm filling up the vocabulary of everyday language that cannot be found in textbooks. A year ago, I began studying the French language - it inspired me to visit the southern part of France. Further my plans in the areas of language aimed at Japanese and Irish. I'm also fond of dancing (I'm training for 4 years), yoga and traveling. Traveling is my passion, for the year 2012 I have visited 6 different countries and many towns, and in 2013 my plans are even more ambitious.

In music I prefer classic rock music, both foreign and Russian. I really like the sound of Irish traditional music, so I'm partial to such artists as Moya Brennan and The Dubliners. My free time I usually dedicate or with friends, or dancing, or reading. My favorite author today - South African writer J.M.Coetzee, consummate novelist.

I am outgoing and friendly person, and I am sure - the time spent in summer 2013 will be unforgettable for all teams!

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