Tajikistan - Vladimir Kostin

Vladimir Kostin

Hello! My name is Vladimir Kostin. I’m 20 years old and I study on the 4th course of Chemistry Department of MSU. Since my childhood I had been interested in natural science, which describes amazing world around us, so I decided to become a chemist. Humanities are interesting to me as well, as they study intellection and behavior of the most exceptional being ever – the human. That is why I am interested in philosophy and foreign languages. I’m good in English and I’m going to study French or German. I’m a great fan of science fiction: Ray Bradbury, Robert Sheckley, Robert Heinlein – they showed us fantastic worlds, which can be created with human imagination. Rock-music – from the Beatles up to Muse - is my passion too, so I like to play the guitar. I’m a communicative person, sometimes even too chatty, and I’m always interested in new friends, that’s why I’m sure that together we’ll take part in this bright and interesting festival of Chemistry.

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