Turkmenistan - Anton Iskandarov

Anton Iskandarov

Hello! My name is Anton and whoever is reading this, I hope I’ll be your guide during this event. As a normal teenager (oh my God, I’m 20 already, well, I can’t say I’m an adult either), I like hanging out with my friends, and very often it is connected with rollerblading (In the photo I’m taking the prizes to be awarded to the winners of a rollerblading contest, so don’t be confused with all the bags and stuff:)). I like many genres of music, I even try to make some of my own with my keyboard, although not very successful yet, with all the studying we have to do at MSU. So, about studying, by the summer I’ll finish my 4th year at the chemistry department. I’m doing my research work at the laboratory of petroleum hydrocarbons; but actually it has nothing to do with petroleum, just regular organic synthesis. It’s pretty awesome, but sometimes it smells like hell in there:).

Well, I guess, that’s all; hope to see you this summer!

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