United Kingdom - Medeya Mchedlishvili

Medeya Mchedlishvili

Hello! My name is Medeya. I shall be your guide during the time of the International Chemical Olympiad. I am a PhD student in the Chemistry Department of MSU. At this summer I had an internship in Great Britain at Imperial College London. I like London very much, the city is striking in its versatility. During my stay in London I visited other UK cities with great pleasure: Brighton, Kadiff, Cambridge, Oxford, beautiful snowfields of Snowdonia. I like to travel and meet different cultures; I like to communicate with interesting people very much. I like to do crafts handmade, cooking and also like to play sports, my favorite sport - volleyball. I wish you good luck at the Olympiad, interesting time in Moscow and many fascinating meetings. See you at the Olympiad in Moscow!

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