Uzbekistan - Svetlana Gorbacheva

Svetlana Gorbacheva


My name is Gorbacheva Svetlana. I’m student of the second course of the MSU Lomonosov chemistry department.

I have chosen this direction because in school I took a great interest in chemistry due to my teacher. She could not only explain us the fundamental of her subject, but also impart interest to the science with the help of great number of experiments, educational films, “every day” stories. After my entering the university, I have never regretted in my choice in spite of studying there rather difficult.

Although the learning in the university takes a lot of (much) time, it’s not to eject hobbies, such as reading books, employment by active kinds of sports, visiting interesting and beautiful places of city, there I’m studying and living – Moscow, and sometimes even taking part in the public life of faculty.

The suggestion to take part in international Olympiad as a Gide I consider excellent opportunity to connect with people from another country, another culture, to practice in speaking English and easily to get new friends.

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