China - Elizabeth Tikhomirova

Elizabeth TikhomirovaLet me introduce myself. My name is Tikhomirova Elizabeth. I was born on the 11 th of September in Snezhinsk, Russian town in the Urals. I am twenty-two. I am a student of the Institute of Asian and African Studies. I study well. My favourite subjects are Chinese and English. I also want to learn Spanish and Italian. I have a lot of friend with whom I enjoy spending my free time. As for my hobbies, I enjoy dancing hip-hop and listening to music. To my mind, dancing is a good way both to relax and keep fit. My life is active but I like it!


你们好,我叫丽莎。一九九零年九月十一日是我的生日。我是在 Snezhinsk出生的,这是一个乌拉尔山的城市。我二十二岁。我在亚非语言学院学习。我学习的成绩很高。汉语和英语是我最喜欢的学科,希望将来学习西班牙语和意大利语。我有很多朋友,很喜欢跟他们聊天,散步等等。对爱好来说,我很喜欢跳现代舞,听音乐。跳舞的时候我一边放松,一边锻炼。我的生活是十分积极的。我很喜欢我的生活!

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