Chinese Taipei - Alexandra Fialkovskaya

Alexandra FialkovskayaHello! My name is Alexandra and I shall be your guide during the time of the International Chemical Olympiad. I am student of the Institute of Asian and African Studies, which is MSU department. I’m studying Chinese language. Unfortunately, I didn’t have an opportunity to visit China or Taiwan but I hope this year the situation will change and I will be able to go there to study and travel. I like to master new things and communicate with extraordinary people. Music plays a big role in my life: I can play the violin and the piano and I’m going to study how to play guitar in the near future. I am also very fond of sports: in summer I usually swim, play table tennis and volleyball and in winter I prefer to ski and skate. Among my hobbies there are cars and photography as well. I hope that you will enjoy being in Moscow and will achieve great success at the Olympiad. Good luck and see you at the Olympiad in summer!


你们好!我姓非阿尔科夫斯基,叫萨沙。进行国际化学比赛大会的时候 我要当你们的向导。我是莫斯科大学亚非学院三年级的学生,学习汉语。到今天我没有机会去中国或者台湾真可惜但是希望今天能去哪儿留学,旅行。我很喜欢掌握新有用的技能,同卓越的人交往。音乐对我生活起的作用很大:我会拉小提琴,弹钢琴;也想学习弹吉他。我还喜欢参加运动:夏天我游泳,打乒乓球,打排球;冬天喜欢滑雪,滑冰。我的爱好也包括开汽车,照相。希望你们都很喜欢莫斯科,参加比赛大会时获得可观的成就。祝你们成功!希望我们夏天在莫斯科会面!

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