Finland - Snezhana Gladyr

Snezhana GladyrHello! My name is Snezhana Gladyr, let me introduce myself. I'm studying on the second course of chemistry department of Moscow State University. I liked to do different natural sciences since school, but I have chosen chemistry as my future profession. It might have happened so because at school I had an excellent teacher of chemistry, who presented chemistry in a very interesting way. Studying in MSU takes practically all my time, but on the other side I try to combine work and pleasure. I like to spend my free time in different ways, for example swimming, jogging, snowboarding, riding a horse and commerce with my friends certainly. I like to do photography also, in my opinion it can gives us amazing impressions about the world we live in. Another part of my life takes reading. My famous genres are Russian and foreign classic, science fiction and other. I think that taking part in international chemistry Olympiad gives a lot of opportunities. Practice in conversational English and work and commerce with new people are the most important ones for me. Hope to find a common language with the participants of Olympiad.

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