Hungary - Kristina Lobko

Kristina Lobko


My name is Kristina; I am a student of Chemistry Department of MSU, and I am going to be your guide during the International Chemical Olympiad. Being a student I have acquired certain scientific views and interests. It has become clear that, for example, modern education should be comprehensive and that modern science is impossible without international cooperation.

The International Chemistry Olympiad is a good chance to get experience in these interactions. Of course getting new contacts and communicating with people of the same interest is very important. Certainly, language practice is of great importance in this connection.

Anyway these are some of my interests: photochemistry, physical chemistry, optics, waves, photography, color interaction, perception, neurophysiology, psychology, folk tales, history of Religion, music, theater, Hemingway, Symbolist-poets, skating, mountains. To say the truth this list is changing every time, nevertheless it seems that we will find something to talk about! Not mentioning the fact that I can tell you about Moscow, places to visit, about University and its history and so on.

Good luck at the Olympiad! See you soon in Moscow.

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